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Túi Miracle Fresh này chỉ dành cho bảo quản Bông cải xanh phải không? Hay cũng có thể sử dụng cho các sản phẩm tươi sống khác?
Are your Chinese customer adding any ice once their Broccoli is packed in these bags or no ice required?
At what temperature does the broccoli need to be when packing in these bags?
What are the external (Length, Width and height including the lid) and internal box (Length and Width) measurements of the Styrofoam boxes they pack the broccoli in?
What are the sizes of the broccoli they pack (eg. crown diameter and total height each broccoli) and how many they pack in each box?
The above to check if your sized broccoli bags will fit because in Australia, we pack in different size boxes or maybe we can adjust the sizes of our boxes to be similar to the Chinese so your bags you supply to them will be big enough.
Some samples would be highly appreciated but please also advise door-to-door price delivered to our company in Australia.